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Welcome to SongsbyMichael.com, Music for a New Age.

There is lots of music here for you to listen to and download. Please take your time to be “curious” and enjoy your visit here.

These songs available here are songs that been received in dreams and meditations and as such are encoded with very radiant and sacred energies. They are best experienced with stereo headphones.

All songs have been recorded in Sacred Space and embedded with the intentions of Light and Love in which they were received.

We are deep in the energies of the Mayan 2012 calendar prophecies, and the “shift” of planetary consciousness which is happening everywhere on the planet. Not everyone may be aware of what is happening to them, but most “feel” something is happening.

This is a powerful time for all of us. It is a time of awakening and enlightenment. It is a time when the thoughts and feelings you hold in any given moment contribute to the reality you create – for yourself and for the world. As John Lennon said; ”Imagine Peace”. You might also imagine “Wellbeing”, “Graciousness”, “Happy”, “Kindness”, “Certainty” and “Capable”. These are intentions that will guide us into the new future we are creating if we consciously choose.

It is a time when our In-tention and A-ttention will literally shape the new world we are creating. Please visit this website often as many exciting things are planned for the coming year. It is my hope that these songs and the new release coming soon in 2013 will help you feeeel the energy of Love and Wellbeing that will be so important moving forward.

With Light and Joy and Gratitude,
Michael James Wachner

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This music is truly healing music all contained within the brilliant talent of a musician, pianist, and vocalist of supreme abilities!

~Bonny Kraus
Heaven on Earth Angel Therapies
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Usui Reiki Master and Angel Channel

Michael’s MUSIC is beautiful...rich, resonant layers of Love. ...am looking forward to hearing more!

~Judith A. Froemming BA, CTC, CH, HNLP
Consciousness Coach™

"I've been a fan of Michael James Wachner for years and his music is fabulous! He's an incredibly accomplished musician, songwriter and vocalist. I've heard him play in a number of genres and he's always great, but in the positive music genre he truly "shines!" Some positive music bores me to tears because it's more about the message and the music seems to be an afterthought. This is seriously good music that I can listen to all day. I look forward to more music from Michael Wachner."

~Lynn Woodland, Author of “Holding a Butterfly—An Experiment in Miracle-making”

"I've been following Michael James for years and each new song makes me stop and absorb the energy. Cold chills radiate thru me as I feeeel his passion, his connection to Source and his integrity. His passion and purpose unite for awakening humanity. Thank you Michael."

~Jim Self, Author and creator of www.masteringalchemy.com

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